homo sapiens ?

 anti sapiens !

which therefore do not even have aspirations
they could talk about ....

since they are having no understanding>
no real chance
to guarantee the rule of a humane order
or to be saving their world for a hundred million years to come ....

but only > to be pampered
and guarantee >>> every homo sapiens
to being destroyed > just to see the history
of this planet > the anti everything of any meaning !

therefore they  can not even have a dialog
just making propaganda
just creating conceit

because of it

no solutions for these problems are allowed

since capitalism
in principle > can only do damage
where there is not yet even a political party
the homo sapiens could vote for ...

what could be any strategy
to bringing all those lost in their frustration
to their fulfillment ?

what could be the solution ?

if all are frustrated
and not even knowing this fact
there by then just bringing every one
only more frustration

instead of seeing their frustration
and making their aspiration
the fulfillment of all

since only with all being fulfilled
can a planet be saved

since there being no wars going on
no illness ... no vanity ...

only the fulfillment of all !

star peace

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galactic university


paul adkin

galactic central information

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